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All of our strategists and designers work together from various locations as part of our virtual office strategy. This creates many advantages for our team members and our clients. Not only does it save time that would normally be spent commuting, but it also helps 33 Anthem eliminate unecessary expenses. Without an office to maintain, we can avoid rent and reduce the amount spent on office equipment and supplies, which allows us to provide our clients with non-traditional agency pricing. Our team has decades of experience and produces the same creative quality work that you would find in a traditional agency, at a fraction of the cost. Plus, providing flexible work schedules and the ability to telecommute are important benefits that our team members and their families enjoy - and when we have happy team members, we have happy clients!

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Awesome Client Reviews

33 Anthem is great to work with. They are very talented and personable. They not only stay current on design trends, but also implement their own innovative ideas. They are very good at making clients feel comfortable while working to give them something they feel proud of.
Heidi Kirsch
Energizer Group Health
33 Anthem's passion to drive new ideas and take creative risk demonstrates their ability change the status quo. While remaining discipline, their inquiring minds ensure their always on track and working diligently to provide outstanding results.
Soel Tran
33 Anthem has flair for design, and a passion for new technologies. They are very thorough researchers, and not shy about asking questions and bringing the "what if" to the table. 33 Anthem also listens well and knows the importance of giving the client what is asked for, as well as introducing new ideas.
Leroy Lemke
Mayo Clinic
33 Anthem is a hardworking, top-performing Advertising/Marketing Operations team. They has my highest recommendation, and I would be happy to work with them again in the future.
Brian Rodriguez
I have worked with 33 Anthem for several years on several different projects/programs. They are extremely detail oriented and talented in graphic design and marketing. One of his best attributes is this teams ability to take concepts and ideas and bring them to life. They are always willing to go the extra mile.
Michelle Higgins
Financial Consultant

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Rick is a rare breed in analytical mindset infused with creativity. He’s been a marketing/creative leader and visionary for the past 25+ years. Rick has a knack for seeing and implementing the latest technologies and thrives on being innovative and helping others change before they have to.

Prior to co-founding 33 Anthem, Rick started his own successful business, Created4him, of 10 years and simultaneously served in leadership roles with Computerland, Synovus, TSYS and as the EVP of 360 Digital Business Solutions where he lead the Web and SEO teams. Rick has been instrumental in the success of growing these companies from millions to billions of dollars in annual revenue.

A self proclaimed family man, Rick has an amazing wife of 25 years along with 4 children and 1 grandkid. He understands the priority of work-life balance and makes the most of his time by working hard, communicating well and making sure our clients feel cared for. 


  • We believe everyone is a marketer and brand ambassador no matter what the specialization, starting from the CEO to the Office Manager.
  • We do not have strict working hours, but you would find some of us working late at night and others firing-off emails early in the morning, but probably not before having some coffee or Mountain Dew.
  • We are family focused and work/life balanced.‚Äč

We are not your typical e-marketing agency.  We are an elite Inbound Marketing Agency, specializing in marketing, web and design that empowers businesses and organizations who want their brands and websites to deliver results.

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Websites / Landing Pages

They are tech-savvy, innovative, well-organized, high-achievers who understand how to get results and help team members realize their potential.
Dante Miro
Focus on the Family



We are not your typical agency. Our creative process begins with understanding that our clients are already doing meaningful work. Brands and organizations count on us to help them communicate their message to the world in more effective ways. We start with the idea that there is meaning to be uncovered, digging past the products, politics, and fear, to reveal what has always been there. Our process helps people make better decisions and communicate authentically.
Here’s what we can do:
Art is a creative marketing leader with 17+ years of progressive experience designing creative, visionary marketing strategies and campaigns with diverse organizations.

Prior to co-founding 33 Anthem, Art served in marketing leadership roles with,, ista, Mars Hill Church and Generis where he lead teams that have managed websites with more than 250,000 unique visitors per week, 1.5M+ app downloads and an online marketplace that passed through $115 billion in RFQ's. Programs included Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, social media, web and print advertising, email/direct mail marketing, creating customer loyalty programs, partnerships and public relations. 
Art is recognized for expertise in boosting revenue and market-share through hands-on development and direction of innovative brand management and advertising initiatives. He is also a leader of motivated teams who succeed and the recipient of 15 Addy’s thus far. 


Justin is a seasoned Content & Communications Specialist who has been working with organizations, startups, and churches of various sizes for the past 13 years. He has a strong desire to equip communications leaders with the right tools to grow their organization and reach more people.

Justin’s prior experience includes leading the content and communications teams for Mars Hill Church, managing advertising operations teams and million dollar ad campaigns for, and developing marketing and revenue opportunities for technology startups and organizations in multiple industries.

He is also the founder of the Ministry Communicators Association and hosts a regular podcast sharing tips and interviews about church communications.

Justin currently lives just north of Atlanta, GA where he can often be found on the lake  with his wife and growing family.


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Creative Direction
Consulting, Product Development, Campaign Development
Art Direction
Brand Identity, Print Design, Photography, Packaging, POP
Inbound & Outbound Marketing Strategies
Story Development, Copywriting, Press Releases, Editing, Distribution (Social Media)
Web Design, Development and
Landing Pages
Website, Marketing Plans, Branding, Competitors
  • Everyone on our team is a disciple of Jesus, and we have our own unique stories that make us who we are. We love to share our stories so just ask.
  • We love flying helicopters and drones, shooting Nerf guns, geeking-out and Chick-fil-a. When we do get together, we work hard and play hard.
  • You'll find lots of geeky memorabillia, like a life-size Yoda, and other wierd things near our workspaces. "Do or do not, there is no try!"

Art Siegert

Justin Dean

Rick Sheehan

Going forward, 33 Anthem will donate 10% of all revenue to Foster Hope Ranch, an event non-profit event facility created for the purpose of funding equine therapy.

Equine Therapy is recognized as a learning program that partners people with unforgettable interactive experiences with rescued and retired horses to foster emotional, social, educational, spiritual, and psychological growth. 

Horses have an amazing power to heal and to teach. They offer unconditional friendship, experience a wide range of feelings, and provide immediate, honest, observable feedback in response to our interactions with them.  Horses are sensitive to nonverbal stimulus, which makes them astute therapeutic guides.  They are social beings that bring us insight into group dynamics and our individual roles we play in our daily lives.

As a result of our programs, our clients develop greater self-esteem, confidence, resilience, communication skills, strengthened relationships and a deeper understanding of themselves and their world

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